Mountain + Lake Magic at Squam

At the beginning of June I had the beautiful privilege of being a vendor at the Squam Art Workshop Art Fair. I was only in the area for a couple of days but the magic will sit in my soul forever. The surrounding mountains and lake are breathtaking and the people who filled the Squam Art Fair are like none I've ever met. Filled with kindness, love, color and creativity.


the view from Rattlesnake Mountain, overlooking Squam lake

the view from Rattlesnake Mountain, overlooking Squam lake

Leaving Squam Art Fair. I didn't take any pictures while there, I wanted to just be in it.

Gratitude Gatherings

Sunday is often a challenging day for me. I have to return to the mundane of my day job on Monday. The pace is slower, my space a bit empty, allowing time for the mind to wander and doubt and fear. ...
So I decided to begin a new exercise, where I would collect 3 happy thoughts per day, throughout the week. And then on Sunday I would bring them all together. ...
A way to honor the small life pieces I am thankful for. A positive way to begin the new week, with reminders of the blessings all around my every moment of aliveness.

Follow along on this journey of honoring the moments and blessings and share your own #gratitiudegatherings on instagram!

xxoo Joanna