simplicity is the plentifulness

Today’s mantra: simplicity is the plentifulness

I watched today as my neighbors had a grand new patio built in their yard. Envisioning parties and late nights spent by their store bought fire pit that will make it impossible for me and my pack to sit outside in the starlight without a fever of barking and wolf anger. Everything in their house is new and shiny and organized. They seem like the perfect couple always put together, with lots of friends and well-behaved dogs. I started feeling down about what my independent but single life lacks. My house needs so much more love that I can’t afford to give it, my dogs are ungroomed and typically smell of grass and their tails wag flinging mulch and dirt and leaves. My floors are covered in muddy paws. My dining table is filled with multitudes of moving projects, legacy dreams and bits of nature. I rarely brush my hair. My shirts are inside out more times than I can count. And I drink too much coffee and red wine.

I motioned for the lions to settle, I had a chat with the moon and she whispered simplicity is the plentifulness.

I’m not poised and groomed with fancy assets. I am however the perfectly imperfect motion of chaos. I am the woman who sits in the dirt with her dogs and talks to the butterflies. I am the meadow overtaken with unruly grass that houses a galaxy of wildflowers and a refuge for winged ones. I am the floors that have a path of a hundred years embossed in their grain. My feet rest on a couch that shows the love of her four marvelous nephews. I am the driftwood that has churned for miles along the sea floor. My hair dries in the wind, garden dirt is my constant nail polish and I will always always love animals more than any other being.

You go right, I’ll proudly go left into the wild….

Joanna OttenComment