Motion is Life

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Today’s mantra: motion is life. Even those moments when all we can do is stand still and breath.

I live in a world where my days are an assembling of dualities. Half where my heart leads my hands into an infinite space of expression, possibility, color and texture. The other half is encased in a corporate box full of bylaws, business optimization, strategic goals and production expectations that drain my soul of creative excitement. In this second world, a required course on productivity instructed me that my motion is considered a waste…..

…..Oh my darlings, you have it all wrong, motion is not waste, MOTION IS LIFE.

Motion is energy, and energy is medicine. Motion lengthens our breath to the marrow of our bones. It is the gathering of infinitely small particles moving with the unlimited power of the universe, spinning on multiple dimensions we’ve yet to discover. It is the collusion of molecules that form free flowing rivers. The instantaneous communication of nano-particles that join fluidly to form life and divide sinuously, deconstructing back to the elements of awareness and air.

Motion seeds the tears that silently roll down cheek bones while we sit in unsanitary company restrooms contemplating life changes. Motion is taking the long route to the office copier because the gills of our soul demand to feel the movement of air brush over our flesh. Motion is the innate movement of a mother bending to lift her child in an embrace of understating. It is the dreams that connect our soul in conversation with Spirit while our bodies replenish in rest. It is the physics of a whisper converting to heat. The tick of the wheel that signals the earth into a seasonal reincarnation and lulls us into hibernation.

Often the motion weaves us backwards, or constructs paths worn to the roots because our walk glides us over the same terrain daily. Motion is also the balance of stillness, where we allow our feet to cement in the sand as the waves ripple and roar around in a meditative pattern.

Our motion is personal, it is vital, it opens the channels to the unlimited capacity of our consciousness, the push and pull toward vulnerability, love, compassion and discovery. And even in the organization of business efficiency and profit margins…… may we remember, motion is necessary, it is life.

Joanna OttenComment