A pause with Bear

sitting with bear, the bones, the kindling, the calcified remains
strength in their hollow lightness legacy
detachment of tomorrow
birth marked with lines of living
wondering, what are we all are rushing to get to
never satisfied with where our feet are planted in this instant
not letting our roots soak up any nourishment from this moment where we stand
our earth bound time is so finite
rarely giving love to where one foot is resting
focusing only on lifting the other and quickly moving to the next space
may we learn to keep stride with our elders, in that community of slowness, listening to their wisdom through stories of living
to dawdle with our children, wandering in wonderment, examining our surroundings and soaking in the multidimensional world we actually dwell in
pausing the rush to tomorrow to rest in the clarity of today.
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Joanna OttenComment